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When we want to remember someone we love who has passed away, urns are really important. They come in different materials like wood, which feels warm, or metal, which seems strong. But no matter what they’re made of, urns need to be looked after well so they stay nice and meaningful. Here at Swanborough Funerals, we know how special it is to keep these urns safe and sound. In this guide, we’ll explore the best tips for cleaning an urn safely and quickly, ensuring that your tribute remains a timeless expression of love and remembrance.

Caring for Wood Urns

how to clean an urn,
how to clean a urn,
best way to clean urn

Wooden urns offer a natural and elegant way to memorialise a loved one. To clean a wood urn effectively, follow these steps:

1. Regular Cleaning

Regular maintenance is vital to preserving the beauty and integrity of wood urns. Over time, dust and dirt build up on the urn, making it look less shiny and possibly causing harm if not cleaned regularly. Using a soft, lint-free cloth to gently dust the surface of the urn on a regular basis is the first step in keeping it clean. This simple action removes surface dirt and prevents it from settling into the wood’s pores, maintaining the urn’s lustre and natural beauty.

2. Maintenance and Upkeep

To ensure long-term durability, wood urns benefit from occasional maintenance and upkeep. To make the wood look nice and shiny, you can use a little wood polish or wax on a soft cloth. Then, gently rub the cloth in circles on the wood. This helps keep the wood healthy and brings back its shine. This special coating makes the urn look better and protects it from things like water and sunlight that can harm it. Regular maintenance keeps the urn looking its best and prolongs its lifespan, allowing future generations to cherish it as a meaningful tribute.

3. What to Avoid

When caring for wood urns, it’s essential to avoid certain practices that can harm their appearance and structural integrity. Stay away from strong chemicals and rough cleaners because they can remove the wood’s coating and harm it forever. Similarly, exposing the urn to direct sunlight or placing it near heat sources can cause the wood to warp or fade over time. By steering clear of these potential hazards and opting for gentle, non-abrasive cleaning methods, you can ensure that your wood urn remains a timeless symbol of remembrance for years to come.

4. Placement

Choosing the right location to display a wood urn is essential for its preservation and protection. Opt for a stable and secure surface, such as a shelf or mantelpiece, away from high-traffic areas and potential hazards. This helps reduce the chance of accidental harm and lets the urn be displayed respectfully. Additionally, avoid placing the urn in areas prone to fluctuations in temperature or humidity, as these conditions can compromise its integrity over time. By selecting an appropriate placement for the wood urn, you can ensure that it remains a cherished tribute to your loved one’s memory for generations. Additionally, for those seeking alternative ways to cherish memories, consider exploring options like memorial jewellery to keep your loved one close in a personal and meaningful manner.

Caring for Metal Urns

how to clean an urn,
how to clean a urn,
best way to clean urn

Metal urns are known for their durability and timeless appeal. To clean a metal urn effectively, follow these guidelines:

1. Regular cleaning

Keeping a metal urn clean is really important to make sure it looks good for a long time. If dust and dirt build up on it, the urn can start to look dull and might even get damaged. To start cleaning a metal urn, use a soft, wet cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust on the surface. If there are tough stains, you can use a mild soap mixed with water. Gently clean the dirty spot with a soft brush. Don’t use rough things or strong chemicals because they can scratch or harm the metal. Once you’ve finished cleaning the urn, rinse it well with clean water. Afterward, use a soft cloth to gently dry the urn. This helps stop water spots from appearing on its surface.

2. Maintenance and upkeep

To keep a metal urn looking good and prevent it from getting rusty, it’s important to take care of it regularly. Use a metal polish made for the kind of metal your urn is made of to make it shiny again and stop it from getting discoloured. If you’re using an eco urn, ensure that the materials used are compatible with metal polishes to avoid any damage. When you use the polish, make sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer. After applying the polish, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any extra polish from the surface of the urn. Regular upkeep helps the urn stay in good shape and shields it from things in the environment that can harm it as time goes on.

3. What to avoid

When caring for a metal urn, it’s essential to avoid certain practices that can damage the urn’s finish or structure. Don’t use rough things like steel wool or strong cleaners that can scratch the metal. Also, avoid strong chemicals like bleach or ammonia because they can damage the metal permanently by causing corrosion. Additionally, avoid exposing the urn to extreme temperatures or moisture, as these can accelerate corrosion and tarnishing. By avoiding these things and following the right care steps, you can make sure your metal urn stays beautiful and lasts a long time as a tribute to your loved one.

4. Placement

The placement of a metal urn is an important consideration for its long-term preservation. Choose a location that is well-ventilated and free from excessive humidity, as moisture can accelerate corrosion and tarnishing. Avoid placing the urn directly on surfaces prone to moisture, such as marble or granite countertops, as this can create a breeding ground for corrosion. Instead, opt for a stable and secure display area, such as a shelf or mantelpiece, away from areas with high traffic or potential hazards. Consider using a protective base or mat underneath the urn to prevent scratching or damage to the surface below. Choosing where to put the urn is really important. If you pick a good spot, it can stay looking great for a long time. This means you can keep it as a lovely way to remember your loved one.


In conclusion, cleaning an urn is a simple yet important aspect of honouring the memory of a loved one. By following these best tips for cleaning an urn safely and quickly, you can ensure that it remains a cherished tribute for years. Whether it’s a wood urn with its natural beauty or a metal urn with its timeless appeal, proper care and maintenance will preserve its integrity and significance for future generations. At Swanborough Funerals, we are committed to helping you honour your loved one’s memory with dignity and respect every step of the way.

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