where to put the urn after cremation, urn after cremation, place for urns at cemetery
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Choosing where to place the urn after a loved one’s cremation is a significant step in the grieving process. It’s a decision that reflects honour, respect, and remembrance for the departed. Swanborough Funerals understands the importance of this choice, offering guidance and support to families during this challenging time. In this guide, we’ll explore various safe spots to put the urn after cremation.

Where to Put the Urn After Cremation

where to put the urn after cremation,
urn after cremation,
place for urns at cemetery

Here are some ideas for where to put the urn after cremation:

1. Home

Many families find solace in keeping the urn containing their loved one’s ashes at home. This choice provides a constant presence and a focal point for remembrance within the family’s personal space. The home offers a comforting environment where memories can be shared and cherished, surrounded by familiar surroundings and the love of family members. It also allows for personalisation, with the urn often displayed alongside photographs, mementoes, and other keepsakes that celebrate the departed’s life.

For families who choose where to put the urn after cremation at home, it’s essential to select a prominent yet respectful location. This could be a mantlepiece, shelf, or dedicated memorial space within the home. The urn itself can reflect the departed’s personality and tastes, with options ranging from elegant metal designs to warm, rustic wooden urns. Some families may incorporate religious or cultural elements into the display, honouring traditions and beliefs.

Keeping the urn at home gives family members easy access to the ashes, allowing them to pay their respects and find comfort in moments of reflection. It also offers a sense of closeness and continuity, as the departed remains integral to daily life and family gatherings. While the decision to where to put the urn after cremation at home is deeply personal, Swanborough Funerals can provide guidance and support to help families navigate this choice with care and sensitivity.

2. Columbarium/Niche

A columbarium or niche is a dedicated structure within a cemetery or crematorium designed to hold urns. These spaces offer a dignified and secure location for the urn, providing families with a permanent memorial site for their loved ones. Columbaria may feature individual niches or compartments, each housing an urn and often adorned with personalised plaques or inscriptions.

Choosing a columbarium or niche for placing the urn after cremation ensures that the departed’s ashes are respectfully cared for within a tranquil and sacred setting. These structures are typically located within beautifully landscaped grounds, offering a serene environment for remembrance and reflection. Families may visit the Columbarium to pay their respects, leaving flowers or tokens of remembrance at their loved one’s niche.

Columbaria and niches come in various styles and designs, allowing families to select a space that resonates with their preferences and aesthetic sensibilities. Some columbaria offer options for indoor or outdoor placement, while others may feature themed or specialised sections tailored to specific interests or affiliations. Swanborough Funerals can assist families in choosing a columbarium or niche that meets their needs and honours the memory of their loved one with dignity and reverence.

3. Cemetery/Memorial Park

Cemeteries and memorial parks provide families with a timeless and serene setting for placing the urn after cremation. These sacred spaces offer a sense of permanence and tradition, allowing loved ones to visit and pay their respects to future generations. Within a cemetery or memorial park, families can choose from various options for memorialisation, including burial plots, urn gardens, and dedicated memorial walls or monuments.

Selecting a cemetery or memorial park for placing the urn after cremation enables families to establish a lasting tribute to honour their loved one’s life and legacy. Burial plots provide a traditional option for interring the urn within the hallowed grounds of the cemetery, surrounded by lush greenery and carefully tended landscaping. Urn gardens offer a tranquility setting specifically designed for the placement of cremation urns, often featuring pathways, benches, and reflective spaces for quiet contemplation.

Memorial walls or monuments within cemeteries and memorial parks provide another option for placing the urn after cremation. These structures may feature niches or plaques where urns can be securely housed, allowing for personalised inscriptions or engravings that honour the departed. Families may visit these memorial sites to share memories, leave flowers, or simply find solace in the peaceful surroundings.

Swanborough Funerals understands the importance of selecting the proper place for urns at the cemetery or memorial park after cremation. With compassion and expertise, they can guide families through the process of choosing a final resting place that reflects their wishes and provides a meaningful tribute to their loved one’s life.

4. Scattering/Spreading

For families seeking a more natural and symbolic way to honour their loved one’s memory, scattering or spreading the ashes is a poignant option for where to put the urn after cremation. This choice allows the departed to become part of the natural world, returning to the earth, sky, or sea in a meaningful and respectful manner.

Scattering or spreading the ashes can take place in a variety of locations that bear unique importance to the departed and their loved ones. This could be a favourite outdoor spot, such as a beach, forest, mountain, or garden, where the departed enjoyed spending time during their life. It could also be a place of spiritual or cultural significance, such as a sacred site or pilgrimage destination.

Swanborough Funerals can provide families guidance and support as they consider scattering or spreading the ashes. They can offer suggestions for meaningful locations and assist with any logistical or legal considerations that may arise. With sensitivity and understanding, they can help families create a beautiful and meaningful tribute that honours the memory of their loved ones naturally and respectfully. Additionally, Swanborough Funerals offers memorial jewellery as a lasting keepsake for those who wish to keep a physical reminder of their loved one close to them.

5. Specific Memorial Site

Creating or selecting a specific memorial site offers families a personalised and meaningful way to put the urn after cremation. This could be a garden, bench, or other dedicated space that holds special significance for the departed and their loved ones. Creating a designated memorial site allows families to establish a lasting tribute that honours the memory of their loved ones in a significant manner.

A dedicated memorial site can be customised to mirror the character, hobbies, and enthusiasm of the person who has passed away. For example, if the departed loved gardening, a memorial garden filled with their favourite flowers and plants could serve as a beautiful and tranquil tribute. If they enjoyed spending time outdoors, a bench placed in a scenic location could provide a peaceful spot for reflection and remembrance.

Memorial sites can also serve as gathering places for family and friends to come together and share memories of the departed. Whether a formal dedication ceremony or an informal gathering, these spaces offer a sense of connection and community as loved ones come together to honour and celebrate the departed’s life.

Swanborough Funerals understands the importance of creating a meaningful memorial site to place the urn after cremation. With compassion and expertise, they can assist families in selecting or designing a memorial site that reflects the unique spirit and legacy of their loved one, making sure that their memory endures in a cherished and lasting manner.


Deciding where to put the urn after cremation is an intimately personal decision, one that should honour the desires of the departed and offer solace to those they’ve left behind. Whether placing the urn after cremation at home, in a columbarium, scattering the ashes, or opting for memorial jewellery, Swanborough Funerals is here to offer support and guidance every step of the way. Each option provides a unique opportunity for remembrance and honouring the life of the departed, ensuring that their memory lives on in a meaningful and cherished way.

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